OCS Tonewood Cocobolo Consultation



Before Completing Checkout with an OCS Tonewood Consultation, Read Below:

I understand that by utilizing the Ohana Custom Shop's "Custom Exclusives" collection, the order is NOT confirmed until the following conditions are met:

  • An email confirmation is received from Ohana regarding a free consultation.
  • A consultation and estimate is received via email confirmation with a Work Order reference number.
  • A deposit is completed to begin the work order.

Any order(s) placed here is a submission of my initial request and the first step towards a successful Custom Exclusives order.

I understand that the Custom Exclusives instrument itself is NOT free, but rather the $0.00 refers to the free consultation provided by Ohana regarding the tonewood of choice.

Submitting a "Custom Exclusives" order does NOT guarantee Ohana's approval of the final order.

Confirmed orders will be issued an invoice and a deposit request.

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