OCS Tonewood - #11



Please complete the following steps to get started bringing your Custom OCS ukulele to life:

  1. Email "ohanacustomshop@gmail.com" with a brief description of the ukulele that you have in mind to create, and mention the wood set on this page.
  2. Ohana will be in touch via phone or email for a free consultation to discuss specifics as needed. An email confirmation will be sent containing the agreed-upon details of your OCS creation.
  3. A deposit is required upfront in order to begin work on your OCS model. Once underway, Ohana's design team will provide periodic updates with photos at key stages during the build process.
  4. Balance due to be paid upon completion of your uke, per the invoice to be provided at time of initial deposit.

Questions? Our team is ready to help via phone or email below.

Ohana Custom Shop

Made in California with premium materials, craftsmanship and care.